Different Variants of Poker that are getting popular 

There are many variants of poker available online and people can visit many websites to play these games. One such website is sbobet88 where a large number of poker games exist. These games are of beginner levels and of advanced ones. Some of the games that can be found on various websites are summarized here.

Texas Hold’em

The game is very easy to learn but mastering it is a difficult task. It is one of the popular games among gamblers. People who have never played any poker game can start with this so that they get an idea about online poker and then play advanced games.

In this game, blinds are used as bets. The player to the left of the dealer is small blind while the next one is large. Two cards are given to each player whose faces are down. After the completion of dealing, the betting starts. All the players get a chance and they can bet, rise, or fold. After the first betting round, each player gets three community cards with face up. Now the second round of betting starts. After the second round of betting, the fourth community card is dealt and the third round of betting starts. Then the fifth and last community cards are dealt. Now the time comes to decide the winner and the player who has high-rank card becomes the winner of the game in the showdown.

Pot-Limit Omaha

Pot Limit Omaha or PLO is loved by those players who want to play the game at high stakes. Lots of stakes need to be done and people enjoy playing the game. All the players get four hole cards and they can bet only to the limit already available in the pot. Playing the game is same as

Texas Hold’em with a few differences.

Five community cards are used in this game and betting rounds are the same as that of hold’em. The main difference is that people get four hole cards instead of two. Players have to use two hole and three community cards to make a hand.

Seven Card Stud

The game was very popular before the coming of hold’em and PLO. It is a slow game with betting limits and rewards. No community cards are used in this game. It only depends on the betting limits. In this game, each player gets three cards after paying an ante. Out of these three cards, the face of two is down and one is up. After dealing the cards, the player have a card with the lowest rank has to pay to bring in. If he does not want to do so, he can pay some more money. The betting is done in a clockwise direction and the players have the option of calling the bring-in, rising, or folding.

After the completion of betting, the fourth card with face-up is dealt and the player who has highest-ranked card starts the bet. The same thing happens when the fifth and sixth cards are dealt with. The seventh card is dealt with face down. After the last round, players have to show the cards and player having the highest-ranked card is the winner.

Wrapping up

These are some of the most popular games like sbobet88, which people like to play, there are many other games, which people can play and win a lot of money.