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Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Years of Marriage | Petal Talk

The significance of flowers in commemorating important life events cannot be overstated. In addition to the obvious connotations of weddings, birthdays, celebrations, romantic gestures, sympathy notes, and simple expressions of gratitude and appreciation, flowers may also convey a wide range of other meanings and emotions. There is a distinct meaning and symbolism attached to anniversary flowers that has developed over time to serve as a distinguishing feature of this special event. Every year has a flower, and Sing See Soon will make sure you’re always prepared for the season. Learn about the background of anniversary flowers from florist penang , where they came from, and which flowers are designated as the “official” one for each year of marriage.

Traditions of Marking the Passage of Time with Gifts Given to the Bride and Groom

There is evidence that German spouses began exchanging anniversary presents on certain anniversaries as early as the Holy Roman Empire during the Middle Ages. Example: on their 25th anniversary, the husband would give his wife a silver wreath, and on their 50th, he would give her a gold wreath.

In the Victorian era, celebrating anniversaries with presents grew more and more frequent. As the number of couples who wed purely out of romantic love surpassed that of those who tied the knot for other reasons, wedding anniversary gifts became a popular method to keep partners’ attention on one another and their growing love for one another year after year.

Carnations, the traditional flower for the first anniversary

The carnation is the first flower to be used. Dianthus caryophyllus, more often known as a carnation, is the scientific name for this famous flower. Red, pink, white, and yellow are just few of the colors available for carnations. They have been farmed for more than two thousand years, and they originated in Eurasia. By removing spent blooms, carnations can continue to produce new ones well into the fall. 

Lily of the Valley: The Perfect Second Anniversary Flower

Since at least a thousand years before the common era, people in Eurasia have been cultivating lily-of-the-valley flowers. Upon tall, slender stalks, these fragrant white bell-shaped blooms bloom above bright green, lance-shaped leaves.

These little blossoms thrive in either a container or the soil. For a good chunk of time in the spring, lily of the valley flowers their delicate little hearts out. A frigid climate’s early summer may be prime time for their growth.

The delicate white flowers of the lily of the valley  from penang florist online are a symbol of undying affection, happiness, and purity. Since a young couple’s love is typically innocent and sweet in the early stages of marriage, they are an appropriate flower to gift on their second wedding anniversary.

Sunflowers are a great third-anniversary gift.

Sunflowers are native to North and South America, and they have been farmed by local Native American communities in New Mexico and Arizona since at least 3,000 B.C. Big, bright yellow blooms are its most recognizable feature, although it also appears in various hues including red and orange.

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