Instantly Revamp the Interiors of Any Room by Placing a Perfectly Sized Chandelier 

If you want to bring class and elegance to any space, residential or commercial, the easiest way to achieve the same is by installing a chandelier. These light fixtures are available in so many attractive designs that they can fit with practically any form of interior. Even though chandeliers instantly enhance the interiors of a room, the incorrect size of the lighting fixture can make the room look clumsy and overdone. In a market of thousands of designs of chandeliers, how do we pick the right design and size that best complements the style of the room? At Sofary, you can find expert blogs that can help you select the right chandelier for your room by going through their chandelier size guide. Their size guide gives you the right estimate of the light fixture’s size based on the dimensions of the shape of the room. Chandelier selection guide To choose the right style for the chandelier, you must first take a good look at the room where it needs to be installed. You need to also assess the availability of natural light that falls on the furniture that is placed in the room. Once you have assessed the amount of lighting that is required from a chandelier, you need to measure the dimensions of the room. For sizing, you can get a general idea by following the steps of a simple formula:
  • 2-3 inches of chandelier for every foot of ceiling height, is the most basic formula used by many interior designers.
  • As per this formula, if the ceiling height is 10 feet, a chandelier of 24-30 inch chandelier would fit perfectly.
  • If you are looking for a chandelier to be placed in hallways or larger rooms, add the width and length of the room in feet.
  • The total number you get from the above calculation in inches will be the size of the required chandelier.
  • If your house has a high ceiling, leave a space of at least 6 feet from the top of the chandelier to the highest point of your room’s ceiling.
  • For chandeliers placed in dining rooms, the distance between the bottom of the chandelier and the tabletop must be about 30 inches or more.
Once you have a general idea about the size, you can focus on the style by using the following tips:
  • The classic candle chandelier goes well with a traditional room with ample sources of natural light.
  • Crystal chandeliers are often used to give a luxurious appeal to the hallways and to provide a romantic source of lightning in the bedrooms.
  • Drum chandeliers are also used in rooms where the main source of lighting does not come from the chandelier itself as the lampshade material provides muted light.
  • Island chandeliers are best suited for placing over long dining tables or kitchen islands.
  • Miniature crystal chandeliers can provide the right amount of luxury in a small room that does not have space for a large statement piece.
  • To give your modern minimalistic room the right source of lighting, you must choose modern straight-line chandeliers.
  • For commercial spaces and hotel lobbies, a tiered chandelier will make its presence known and increase the style statement of that space.
The placement of the chandelier is yet another important factor that makes or breaks the look of any room. So, choose it wisely or take help from an expert interior decorator to get it right.