Rummy Variants: Indian Rummy vs. Gin Rummy

Rummy has more than a thousand variants, and its history stretches more than a century. But the two most popular variants are Indian rummy and Gin rummy.

Though both variants are very different, they are often misunderstood as the same. In this article, we will explain Indian and Gin Rummy and the difference between the two.

So, if you are someone who loves playing rummy, then keep reading.

Indian Rummy vs Gin Rummy Game

ParticularsIndian RummyGin Rummy Game
Number of PlayersThe total number of players in the Indian rummy can vary from 2 to 6 players.Gin Rummy is a 2 player rummy game.
Choice of DealerWhen it comes to Indian Rummy, the choice of dealer is provided with a random pick for the first game, and the following opportunity moves clockwise.When you play gin rummy, the dealer is chosen based on the shuffle. The card with the lowest value can be the dealer. The exact process is repeated each time to choose a dealer.
ObjectiveThe objective of Indian Rummy is to arrange cards in sequence and sets with the aim of scoring low.The objective of Gin Rummy is to arrange the cards in a set and aim to knock down the other player or lay down the opponent.
How To Play Rummy?In Indian rummy, the players draw their cards from either option, i.e., the closed deck or open deck or through discarded piles. Further, once the card is drawn, they need to discard a card, but if they have picked a card from a discarded pile, they can discard it in the same round.In Gin rummy, the player can pick the visible top card from the deck. If he doesn’t want it, the dealer takes it away. If the other player doesn’t want it, then they can move to a closed deck. 
ScoreIn Indian Rummy, the face cards are worth 10 points, and the other cards are face value-based. The player with the total value of unmatched cards loses.There are two ways to win in the Gin rummy game. Going GinThis means players arrange their cards in valid sets according to the rules with no leftover cards, known as deadwood. This helps them win 25 points.KnockingIf any player’s deadwood cards have a total score of less than 10 points, they choose to knock. The difference between the deadwood card values and the opponent’s deadwood card values is the rewarding score.
JokerIndian rummy is played with jokers, where the Joker is randomly used as a wild card to blend the sequence or set.Gin Rummy is played without a joker.
AceThe value of the ace card in Indian rummy depends upon the combination it is set with. The ace can be combined with Ace 2 and 3 and also blended with Ace King and Queen. In most cases, Ace 2 and 3 are considered higher than the other options.When playing Gin Ace has the lowest value.


Playing Indian or Gin rummy games depends upon individual choices. Both are very different and incredibly fun, offering strategies and challenges that players can enjoy.

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