4 Ways Gardens Can Go Beyond Aesthetic Beauty

There are very few things in the world that boast the rapture, charm and elegance of a garden, with time and effort invested into it. What is a garden? For the layman, a garden is defined at a fundamental level, a plot of land or ground, sizable or little, cultivated for cosmetic purposes; something to evoke oohs and ahswhenever the inclination for aesthetics hits. To avid gardeners and nature enthusiasts however, a garden is much more. It serves not only as a hobby, but as a way of connecting to the environment around, almost a religion, with the appreciation for plant life at the centre. This is probably why most gardeners invest so much time, effort and money into making their green kingdoms as visually pleasing as can be. It is worth noting however, that while the arena of gardening is dominated by chlorophyll monarchs, there are other lords required to make appearances in court

Garden ornamental objects

Garden ornaments are things added to a garden to boost its beauty. In a supermarket, on the internet, or in horticultural shops, you can find these garden ornaments for sale. They cut across a large variety of things and can be made of different materials, from imposing stone garden ornaments to delicate and dainty porcelain figurines. Examples of garden ornaments include:

  • Garden furniture

Tasteful furniture on the backdrop of dense green foliage made of wicker, glass, plastics and other materials are sure to inspire feelings of peace and serenity. They can be vantage points where visitors to the gardens are able to admire the rest of the garden from, and they can also serve as a recreational spot, a place where visitors can kick back and enjoy a picnic if they so please

  • Fountains

The fluent nature of water lends it a certain aura of calm, yet vibrancy. As such, fountains are a good investment when looking to impress visitors to a garden. Fountains are structures that squirt water in to a basin in patterns that are attractive and alluring.

  • Garden gnomes

A garden in itself is a magical thing, but garden gnomes make them seem even more so. In fantasy and mythology, gnomes were short, bearded, subterranean creatures that guarded treasures and built things. As it is unlikely to find real gnomes to guard gardens, it is customary for folk to include figurines of these fantastic beings in their ornamental arsenal.

  • Birdbaths, bird houses and bird feeders

As most gardens are aimed at replicating the most charming parts of nature, it would be smart to include animals, in addition to plant life into the vision. Birdhouses are tiny carved “houses” where the occasional bird is allowed to nest in. Most bird houses come equipped with a birdbath, an artificially made hollow and shallow bowl in which the little critters can drink water, bathe, or cool themselves. Bird feeders are also know to attract birds and are largely dependent on the kind of food provided, as different species of birds prefer different tastes.

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