The Reasons successful men like going to Gentlemen’s clubs

Ever wondered why anyone thought creating gentlemen’s clubs was a good idea? The simple answer is loneliness. This is the most basic human condition. Human beings crave intimacy, even the most successful people need to feel connected and escape the pressures of real life. Regardless of where they come from and what they have for a living, they all have the same desires and go through the same emotions. Many of them do not have the time to have real relationships and some have had bad experiences with women. Gentlemen’s clubs offer a kind of refugee where these men can get the admiration and attention they crave without fear of being judged or rejected. Beyond beauty Men who can admit that they enjoy looking at naked, beautiful ladies, have a greater reason to be in a gentlemens club. They are able to leave their inhibitions at the door. However, there are more, deeper and sometimes controversial reasons why successful men frequent gentlemens’ clubs. The reasons that scream the loudest is the need for attention. Most men in high paying jobs or who are rich often have a problem finding ways or a place to spend this money in ways that would make them happy. Money cannot buy happiness, but for a couple of hours, you can buy a fantasy and have someone fawn over you like you are the next best thing since slice bread. When you go to a gentlemens club, you are greeted by beautiful, sexy women who seem happy to see you (or at least act like they are). The treatment you get will be worth the money you’ll spend. Frequent customers end up striking up friendships with the strippers who are always willing to give you an ear and take the time to talk to you about things you cannot talk to your colleagues, friends or significant other. This is why they are often likened to therapists. They can listen with no judgement. When you vocalise all the frustrations you have bottled inside; unloading your frustrations can feel like a great way gets loaded off your shoulders. Don’t’ expect solutions, sometimes when you have problems the best thing that you can do is talk to a stranger. Strippers are best listeners. Strippers sell happiness The most obvious reason why men, powerful or not, is that they can live out their fantasies. You can get all types from vintage dominatrix. Whatever floats your boat. Being in a gentleman’s club is a little bit more than like being on fantasy island. Gentleman’s clubs are great for doing business Ever heard of sales presentations being held at strip clubs or deals being struck at a strip club booth/ those are not just rumours they actually happen all the time. Successful business people need a place to relax and unwind and the practice of striking deals over a lunch-time gentlemens’ outing to a strip club. Some say it is a strategy to distract the other parties, but a gentlemens club sets the mood and brings some vibrancy to an otherwise drab work day.