Tricks To Keep Your House Locks

It is crucial that you keep your UPVC door mechanisms in good working order. If you are having issues with your UPVC door, then contact your local locksmith to assist with any UPVC door mechanism repairs you may need. The current thieves have techniques and processes that make it easy for them to open locks in good condition, if they find a damaged lock only because the owner does not change it for various reasons, the thieves’ work is made easier.

In this post, we will tell you how to keep your home lock in good condition ad perfectly maintain your lock through Barry Bros Security.

The Key Must Turn Perfectly

The key must turn perfectly in the lock and at the time it stops doing so you must take the measures to fix it since it may be showing that the lock is no longer functioning as it should. At the moment when the key is locked or simply cannot turn, you can take as a tip to pour some lubricants for locks on the key and continue cleaning it with a cloth or handkerchief. After this, you can also add lubricant to the lock until the liquid comes out of it and so the key will turn as it should.

The Lock Should Not Harden

Heat or cold can harden the lock and is completely normal. In these cases the most recommended is to remove the lock and lubricate it completely and as it has very small parts, with a brush or cloth, lubricate until reaching and covering those small parts that are part of the lock and are inside the lock. After fully lubricating the lock, it must be pending when it is reassembled so that it looks good as before and works as it should.

It is Always Necessary To Have An Original Key Of The Lock

In most cases, we always have at hand a copy of the original key of the lock and we duplicate the copy of the key but not the original one, although it sounds silly it is true. In Locksmiths Barcelona we recommend that you always have the master key and that you duplicate this key, since duplicating copies causes duplicates to remain imperfections and when you enter the key in the door you often end up damaging the lock over time.

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