Various Types of Tow Trucks

Various lots require different car specs. When your vehicle breaks down on the freeway, you can call a smaller sized tow truck to raise your truck out of the way. However, when you need to tow numerous weights, you’ll desire a powerful towing truck [รถยกลากจูง, which is the term in Thai] that can deal with the load. Read the summaries listed below to locate the tow truck that fits your requirements.

  • Light Responsibility

These lighter trucks react to phone calls and pick-up passenger vehicles. Many light-duty towing trucks use dolly towing to lift the two front wheels off the ground and tow the vehicle on its back wheels till securely off the roadway. For a small truck crash or tow to a technician shop, a light task truck needs to suffice.

  • Tool Task

You could prefer bigger, medium-duty trucks if you deliver moving vans and commercial cars. Medium-duty trucks handle about 4,500-11,000 kg, as well as include a flatbed as opposed to a two-wheeled dolly. After angling the bed, the truck will raise your vehicle’s four wheels onto the bed and afterward bring it atop the bed to its location.

  • Heavy Duty

Due to their larger frames, steel reinforcements, as well as high-powered engines, sturdy towing vehicles can bring as much as 23,000 kg of devices. Durable tow vehicles can take care of the burden of trailer truck [รถลาก, which is the term in Thai], tractors, other vehicles as well as even trip buses easily. Building and construction sites and markets likewise utilize sturdy tow vehicles to pack buildings, as well as building automobiles to their worksites. If you presume that your load weighs near 23,000 kg, you’ll desire a durable vehicle for additional protection as well as strength. Durable trucks likewise offer ingenious innovations to assist to recoup vehicles. Boom, as well as winch systems, utilize levers, to lift your vehicle or hefty equipment out of a ditch. Ask your tow trucking company how to finest save your vehicle if you discover yourself in this situation.

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