What made those billionaires Rich? – Gambling!

When someone talks about gambling, we often tend to have a stereotypical approach towards it. Many people out there of all generations do not consider gambling as something good or positive. It is commonly thought that gambling is addictive, and it can get a person hooked up after the very first attempt. It is also assumed that gambling has an evil background, and it has a satanic origin, and people who gamble get bankrupt by getting addicted to it. But stereotypes are not necessarily true. Though gambling has some dark sides, actually it wholly depends upon the person playing the game. Both online and offline gambling has been legalized in many big countries across the world, and people of all age groups play it. They consider it a great way to make money. There are many reputed online gambling sites like sbobet88, etc.

Here are a few examples of some riches people across the world, who got rich using gambling.

Bill Benter: the mathematic genius!

Bill Benter is a famous mathematician. After completing his degree in physics, he decided on using his skills counting cards, in Las Vegas, in the table Blackjack. After seven years, Benter was banned in Las Vegas. He then, along with Alan Wood, introduced a new formula for predicting the results of horse racing, which brought him immense success. His introduction brought the first software assisting the game of gambling. He is now reported to be one of the richest men, earning around $100 million annually.

Edward. E Thorp: the ultimate card counter!

Edward. E Thorp was also a mathematician, who is also known as the ‘The father of Card Counting’. He was first to introduce the technique of card counting and also wrote many books and guides on it. His guides are followed by both, amateurs and professionals all over the world. He is reported to make a fortune of around $800 million in the stock markets and the financial markets by applying skills of probability and statistics.

Billy Walters: the sports better!

Billy Walters is known as a legend in the field of Sports Betting. You will be surprised by knowing that Billy made his first bet at the age of nine. Though it’s of no wonder because his father was an expert poker player and his uncle was a big-time gambler. He then started his own Bookmaking business and later moved to Las Vegas. He is known to be quite successful and rich.


Many famous gambling sites out there like sbobet88 are making huge money and also letting people make money using online gambling. In many countries, gambling is considered to be one of the most lucrative ways of earning money. Some gambling casino also uses its revenues collected from gambling for various developmental purposes of the society and also for various charity purposes. It is said to be one of the most lucrative ways to become rich. Not all stereotypical assumptions about gambling are always true because it has several brighter sides too.

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