What Should Be In a Hunting Pack?

When preparing to go on a hunting trip there are lots of things you will need to get ready to make a safe, successful trip. When you have finally secured plans for your trip and know exactly where you are going, and what conditions you will be hunting game under, it’s time to pack for your trip. 

Packing your hunting packs is crucial for a successful and safe hunting trip. The only thing you will be carrying with you, besides your gun, is your hunting pack. So it’s imperative that you have secured everything that you might think you might possibly need. Room is always at a premium. You can not pack a 70 ltr. backpack full of gear and stuff and think you are going to track and stalk your prey with any stealth at all. Your range of movement is critical in any hunting operation, you will need to move efficiently and quietly. 

What should be in our hunting packs? After you have made plans it’s time to pack. The hunting pack is basically pretty generic unless you hunt in extreme conditions, meaning weather. Then the hunting pack contents can vary widely. 

Always pack the basic hunting necessities. Ammo, binoculars, map and compass, cell phone, water, snacks, and matches. Always carry extra ammunition with you on your hunting trip. Based on your hunting gun, you should buy 9mm ammo in plenty to avoid any shortage during the trip. Do not count one every round of ammunition going off, sometimes you’ll get a dud. Binoculars or spotting scope is great to have to spot game and check movements of herds. This is also the way to check and see if you have a clear shot. Always look past your target to make sure you have a clear backdrop for your bullet. Remember Safety first. 

Carry a map of the area even if you know the area well, it is always nice to have a map and compass. A cell phone is something that goes with us everywhere, so of course, bring it. Do remember to shut it off. You do not want it to ring while you are stalking your prey. Always pack some water with you. You will get thirsty. We also recommend a small one person water purifier just in case you run out of your water supply. 

A person can last a long time without food, however 3 days without water and you’ll be in very bad shape. Try to always pack some type of high carb snack bars to keep your stomach from growling and your energy up. 

We should always carry a good, reliable fire starter in our hunting packs. A fire may be necessary to keep warm, or to cook food, and a fire is always a good way to signal your location. 

Now, there are more personal things that one might need based on your health and physical abilities. Things like extra medication or emergency treatments like an Epipen, a spare pair of glasses..etc. It is important that we remember our physical limitations when we are out, on our own away, from immediate medical attention. Follow these pack guidelines and you will have a safe secure hunt.

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