10 Ways to Stop a New Shoe from Hurting the Feet

Wearing a new sneaker or shoe is almost difficult because of painful experience. There is a need to put an end in this case. How we can do this? This requires a proper selection of shoes. All you have to take is care. Carefully choose the shoes. Remember the 6th street promo code if buying more shoes is beyond your budget. You should keep the Coupon.ae in mind in order to pick the latest discounts and deals. Let’s see easy hacks to avoid pain in feet when wearing new shoes.

Sticking Plasters:

This is a common and obvious solution. Most women use this hack. Applying the stickyplastics on hot spots makes things easier. It also helps to prevent scars and blisters.

Baby Powder:

This is a great way. This minimizes friction between the shoes and feet. Baby powder works well in hot and cold weather. Sprinkle the baby powder in sneakers before wearing them.

Thick Socks or Hair Drying:

Wear thick socks before you wear your new favorite shoes. Now take a hairdryer and heat the tight areas of shoes. Keep the dryer on spots you feel tight. This will soften the tight areas and you will feel easy.


Application of deodorants on the lateral parts especially toes and the heel bone is very helpful. Whether you have purchased a heel or flat shoe with 6th street promo code, this trick will work. It also reduces friction between shoes and feet.

Silicone Insoles:

These are easily available at stores and beauty shops. Buy the silicone insoles for your new shoes and enjoy a comfortable feeling. Keep them under the heel or toe.

Plastic Bag with Water:

New shoes always require some time for expanding. Most users feel uncomfortable with new shoes in start. However, the shoes become comfortable with the passage of time. There is an easy hack to adjust the shoes without suffering. Just fill two plastic bags with water and put them in shoes. Take another plastic bag and put the shoes inside. Now place these shoes in the freezer for night. The water will turn into ice and it will expand gradually. This will help to stretch the shoes. You will feel comfortable when wearing the pumps on the following day.

Silicone Heel Insets:

These are helpful to avoid blisters and irritation. Most ladies experience blisters while wearing new shoes. This problem is common with heel shoes. Try special silicone heel pads. These pads are available with 6th street promo code at affordable prices.

Tape 3rd and 4th Fingers:

Sounds strange? But it is useful. This trick really works. Try it and you will witness the comfort.

Give Them A Little Break:

We recommend ladies to give their feet little break. Remove the shoes while you sit. Whether you are at offices or a party, this trick is easy to use.

Think About Wedges:

Is wearing high heels and pumps terribly painful? Don’t worry. You have an alternative. Try wedges. These are getting attention because of higher support and stability.

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