11 Tips On How To Enjoy Gourmet Meal Delivery With Wine At Home

Even if you’re within the confines of your home, it doesn’t mean you’re hindered from indulging in a top-rated-restaurant-like meal. Thanks to food and catering businesses that offer gourmet meal delivery, you can dine sumptuously at your own abode.

If you’re craving for a gourmet meal paired with wine, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re giving you 11 tips on how to enjoy your next at-home dining experience.

Your preference is the primary factor. The no. 1 rule in food and wine pairing is that there’s no right or wrong way of doing it. Because after all, what matters most is your preference for the food you will eat and the wine that you will drink.

Harmony is the key. While your preference is the primary factor, you should still be mindful of your pairing’s balance and harmony. Take note that neither your meal nor your drink should dominate the other.

Food with earthy ingredients is best paired with reds. If you are availing a gourmet meal delivery for food with earthy ingredients — say, pizza with mushrooms and truffles — it’s best to pair it with reds like Pinot Noir.

Lower alcohol whites complement spicy meals. The presence of chili in your main meal can degrade the taste of some wins. If you’re treating yourself with spicy food, make sure to pair with whites with low alcohol content like Semillon.

Seafood with rich sauce goes well with silky whites. Going on a seafood diet? If you’re eating salmon or any kind of seafood that comes in a rich sauce, you’ll never go wrong if you drink it with silky whites like Chardonnay.

Balance salty meals with champagnes. When consuming a gourmet meal with high sodium content, you can balance its salty taste with the tinge of sweetness present in dry sparkling wines like Champagne.

Acids taste well with acids. Meals like baked goat cheese are strongly acidic. Experts recommend pairing these foods with acidic wines like New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Tannins love fatty meals. Tannins are naturally occurring compounds that can be found in coffees, teas, and wines. If your wine at home has a huge amount of tannins, your next gourmet meal delivery should feature food with a high-fat content like pork sausage or prime rib.

Contrasting tastes are recommended for dessert-and-wine pairings. Desserts can also be enjoyed with wines, too. To make the most of this gourmet experience even at home, try pairing two contrasting flavors (e.g. Vanilla ice cream and Pedro Ximenez).

Your wine’s age should be taken into account. When wines mature, their tastes become more delicate. Hence, it is important to drink it with meals that are rather simple. For instance, eat your old Cabernet with a lamb braised in stock instead of a spice-rubbed steak.

Pairing food and wine from the same region is a safe choice. As mentioned, your preference is what matters most when crafting your own gourmet meal-and-wine pairing at your own home. But if you’re quite unsure of what to pair with which, go for food and wine that come from the same region.

Our team at Saint Germain Catering offers gourmet meal delivery so you can enjoy world-class meals at the comfort of your own home or office. Contact us today for inquiries.

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