5 Reasons to Watch Less Television

Most of us spend about 4-5 hours in front of the television screen. No one can deny that watching television is tempting, all the great shows we get, all the new channels we get to watch from all over the world all thanks to pay-tv services such as Startimes, LRG.

Television has always been in a talk about its impact on human life. Well, we know it is going to be hard for you to cut down the television from your life completely, after you have seen how entertaining pay-tv services like MycableTV, Startimes, etc.

However, here are a few reasons that can make you consider cutting down the time that you spend in front of the television.

Sitting Is Unhealthy

If you spend 4-5 hours sitting in front of the television screen, then you might be in a problem. Research shows sitting can be deadly, the root of some of the unhealthy conditions in humans. Besides, sitting too much can cause pain and even shorten the life span of humans. Moreover, scientists find watching television can be brain rotting.

Your Brain Becomes Healthier

Many scientist highlight the fact that consuming too much television is not best for mental health. Research has shown to much time in front of television affects human brain chemistry. There are a lot of negative consequences of watching T.V on mental health, few of them are:

  • Decreased Memory
  • Weak brain functioning
  • The weakening of the ability to plan, organize, and take action

Save Time

Besides, tall the bad television brings to human health, television is also the best way to waste your time. You can save lot of your precious time if you cut down your time that you use to spend in front of television.  Watching the television for 4-6 hours is a bad habit that you need to change immediately.

Get Rid of Propaganda

Television has the power to influence people’s thoughts that lead people to false belief, manipulate your view about the event. Television can take away your individuality, as it will make you lose your ability to think for your own, form opinion and belief.

Live in Reality

Television is not the right place to form your thoughts about success or know the truth. Television paints a false picture of the world. Whether it is what perfect human body size, or how a wealthy person life, everything that you see on television is fake, made by some advertisers to manipulate you into buying their product.

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