Ask Your Favorite Trans Escort for A Massage and Discover Your Secret Moan Zones

The message is one of the most erotic services provided by trans escorts. In fact, the idea of being completely naked in front of a sexy trans escort is itself a turn on for many. Your escort will take her time and explore your body and make you feel extremely comfortable with her touch and sensations. Besides, in her company, you will get to know your own body and moan zones well. 

If you don’t know, moan zones are those small spots of your body which can make you very horny when stimulated and caressed well. However, since, every individual is different, so are their moan zones. Your LOveSita trans escort will thus touch and caress every inch of your body until she finds your perfect moan zones.

Common moan zones:

There are many spots on your body which can turn you on, and you don’t even know they existed. So, here is a list of the most common yet unusual ones:


Yes, your pretty face can turn you on too. If your face is kissed, stroked and massaged properly, it can create a wave of sensations throughout the body and thus make you horny. 


This is one of the popular erogenous zones. Ears are full of sweet spots and each of them is linked with your love package. Now, when you stimulate one, the other feels the sensation too. Just with a gentle squeeze of forefinger and thumb, your trans escort will get your full attention. 

The front side of the neck

You must have definitely heard your girlfriend moan when you kiss her gently and sensually on her neck while foreplay. Well, that is it. This spot is extremely sensitive and when it is touched correctly, it can surely get you in a state of arousal. So, be ready, as when your trans escort will touch you around your Adam’s apple, you will definitely experience sensual excitement. 

Lower Back

The flat triangular bone on the lower back is called sacrum. This spot has several nerve endings, and even a minor pressure in that area will send tingles across the body. Acupuncturists have discovered years back that kidneys are a source of sexual energy, and since they are placed at the lower back, giving extra attention to this area pays off really well. 

Behind the Knee

The skin behind our knees is pretty thin and thus have a lot of sensitive spots. While massaging your back, your escort can pay a little more attention to this area. Also, she can gradually go up all the way to your buttocks and then come down to your feet. 

Naval & Stomach

Paying attention to the strip between your belly button and penis will generate amazing sensual massages. When your escort will massage this area in firm circular motions, it should create a sense of arousal, before she moves down. 

So, you see, there are so many unusual spots that can do the trick. Trans escorts know how to caress these spots and how to make their clients feel relaxed yet aroused at the same time. 

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