Bar: What You Should Know When Opening A Bar

It is not difficult to notice the number of bars, whether close to shopping centers, nightclubs, or colleges. However, despite the large number, bars that provide good service and serve quality drinks are rarely empty. The bar market in our country is one of the segments constantly growing, as the food and beverage industry is one of the largest in the world. Thinking about all this, Opening Simple has prepared an article with everything you need to know to open a bar and do well in business. Learn more  on or Check out:

Types Of Bars

Before opening a bar, it is necessary to define which segment it will be. There are several models, such as small bars, luxury bars, neighborhood bars, gourmet bars, and themed bars. It all depends on the target audience you want to reach. Remember, your bar’s identity is super important to getting customers.


Another point that needs to be defined is the types of food and drinks you will offer at your bar. The strong point of a bar is that the drinks are not the main profit, responsible for 30% of the total profit. The leading drinks offered in a bar are: beers and draft beer, whiskeys, caipirinhas of different flavors, drinks, soft drinks, juices, and still and sparkling water.

Among the most requested snacks and meals are:

  • Salad plate
  • Cold board
  • A portion of fries
  • A portion of fried polenta
  • Drumstick
  • Breaded shrimp
  • A portion of olives
  • Fried fish portion
  • Xis
  • Hot dog
  • Pressing
  • Meat board
  • Sandwiches
  • pastries
  • Between others

Business Plan

The business plan allows the entrepreneur to have a broader view of the company and the market in which it operates. In the business plan, you will define subjects such as the services you offer in your bar, the menu, etc. In addition, the business plan also details the financial issue and the human resources that you can count on for the company’s development.

To develop the plan, it is necessary to gather all the investments in materials, equipment, employee payments, and machinery. In addition, you should also research the audience that will frequent your bar, who your main competitors will be, the market, and much more.

Summary Of The Main Points Of The Business Plan:

  • What is the business
  • What are the top products and services?
  • Who will be your main customers?
  • Where will the company be located?
  • The amount of capital to be invested
  • What will your monthly billing be?
  • How long do you expect the invested capital to return?
  • Know the importance of having a business plan in your company

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