Best Ways To Design Your T-shirts:

Designing your own t-shirt could be a fun, artistic activity, and if you plan to sell your designs, it can even give you some money. Whether you plan to design your own polo shirts directly or submit it off to a skilled designer, the template for your shirt can still be created pretty comfortably.

Making Your Design And Make Digital Image Of It:

First of all, think about the design you are going to embed on your t-shirt. It’s essential to think about color contrast when designing a t-shirt. That means how these shades of ink occur against a lighter colored shirt or a darker colored shirt in the design.

Once you’ve applied colors to the picture, it may look good, but it may still feel a little flat or one-dimensional. Attach a color that is the hue of the color under it to add dimension to a specific field of design. It will render the concept lighter and giving it some depth. Select a place of your image, whether it will look good in the center, top, or bottom of the shirt.

After that, use computer software to rid of all the flaws of your image. Make your image digitally for the proper printing on your shirt. You can add text if necessary. Print this image in a prototype and embed it in your shirt with the help of Iron.

Stencil And Bleach Printing:

For stenciling, first of all, cut out all the dark parts of the image and then stick your picture on the shirt. Keep a piece of cardboard inside your shirt. Now start painting over the image after completion, remove the paper image from your shirt and let it dry.

For bleach painting, you need to be very careful and use all the safety measures. Keep the shirt on a flat surface. Keep cardboard inside the shirt and draw image or text with white chalk and with the help of brush trace with bleach, and after finishing, let it dry completely. Wash it properly to rinse the bleach from fabric. Your design is ready.

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