Errors In Poker: Overestimate Your Hand

Today, we will look into the new section called poker errors, with which we intend to solve or give some light to the most common mistakes that poker players make at the game tables, and thereby, try to get our readers to play better every day to poker online or live, and can be winners at the game tables.

Errors In Poker – Overestimate Your Hand

Players who wish to become winners at the game tables must have apparent certain game concepts, so as not to make mistakes in high stakes poker that hurt their winnings and to take advantage of the mistakes of others, that guarantee them to take part of the money that rivals put into play.

This error is usually the most common, and it is the one that costs the most money, unlike the vast majority of players, who do not know how to see the strength of their hand beyond their linked card, when there are other values that are equally or more important.

Mistakes In Poker – Avoid Unnecessary Messes

One of the basic premises will be not to get into unnecessary trouble, or make mistakes in poker, especially against other regular players, who are at the table just like you, trying to take advantage of the weak or exploitable player, with what:

  • The more stack we have, the less risky moves we want to encourage, especially when we don’t play with a very strong hand or with a project without the Nuts.
  • Avoid unnecessary messes against regular table games. They will surely also know about poker, and they will put you in complicated situations, which will lead to an excess of variance.
  • Try to play small boats with small hands, and large boats with large hands.
  • Think at all times of hand ranges in the plays.
  • Avoid expensive poker bluff. Sometimes, it is better to give up a little more before an aggressive preflop player than to see you trapped post-flop and losing a giant jackpot.