Going on Holiday? What do You Do With Your Pet?

With summer approaching and restrictions on movement, gatherings and indoor hospitality slowly lifting, people are beginning to make plans for summer holidays. If you’re one of the many who got themselves a pandemic pet, you may be wondering what you can do with it when you’re on holiday. Fortunately, we’re here with some suggestions.

Taking It With You

Unfortunately taking your cat with you on holiday is almost never an option. While dogs are content to be led by their owners, cats are strongly territorial creatures and removing them from their territory can be very stressful – for them and for you! Depending on where you want to go, which New Earswick Taxi firm you use and the sort of holiday you want to have, it may be impractical to bring your dog with you.

Getting a Sitter

The ideal way for your pet to be cared for while you’re away is by a sitter – someone you trust who can stay in the house to feed them, and spend time playing with them and talking to them. 

The ideal candidate might be a friend or family member – someone who’s familiar with your cat and who your cat is familiar with will cause the least disruption for your pet. This ensures the least disruption for your pet, and the least stress and separation anxiety.

Perhaps the most important thing in a sitter is that they have some experience of their own with the relevant kind of pet. You need someone with some basic idea about what’s normal, won’t be squeamish about cleaning out the litter tray or knows what to do if your dog is vomiting and has diarrhea.

A Professional Sitter

If you don’t have a friend or family member who’s available then you might need to provide a professional (or at least accredited amateur) sitter. There are websites and online directories where you can advertise your vacancy and get an experienced pet sitter – check what different services are available and make sure the cost balances with the benefit of getting an experienced pet sitter with insurance cover and access to a vet’s advice whenever they need it.

Catteries, Kennels and Boarding

Boarding your pet should be a last resort, as it involves both removing it from the environment it’s got used to calling home and from your company. If you have to board your pet when you’re away, be assiduous about checking reviews and if possible visit before you commit your pet so you can be assured they’ll be getting the best care while you’re away.

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