How lengthy will it take to restore my dentures?

Most of our denture maintenance is performed even as you wait. Depending at the severity of your damaged dentures we’d require some greater hours to accurate the problem.

When ought to I update my dentures?

Dentures want to get replaced approximately each five years or faster if they may be inflicting you problems. Just like an ordinary dentist appointment, you ought to have your dentures checked yearly through your denturist. Schedule your appointment with our denturist Chris A. Demopoulos today.

How ought to I smooth my dentures?

Several manufacturers of denture cleaners are to be had within side the market. Avoid abrasive cleaners that could scratch your denture’s surface. Some denture cleaners may even make stains persist with your dentures. If you aren’t certain what denture purifier is quality for you, simply ask us.

How regularly ought to I take out my denture clinic in whitby?

Give your mouth a relaxation every now and then through doing away with your dentures at night time or as minimum hours for the duration of the day.

I suspect I would possibly have sleep apnea. What ought to I do?

Discuss your worries together along with your number one care health practitioner and agenda an unfastened session with Chris A. Demopoulos to speak about capability remedy with an Oral Sleep Appliance.

I even have a CPAP device however I can’t put on it. Are there opportunity alternatives?

Yes! Dental Sleep Medicine presents alternatives which include an Oral Sleep Appliance or aggregate remedy that could dramatically boom remedy success.

When I get hold of my new dentures ought I to hold to apply adhesive?

Not usually. Most of the time new dentures can repair the terrible match and characteristic of an antique ill-becoming or wiped out set. Occasionally, because of anatomical barriers or intense recession of the oral ridges, a few secondary retention is probably necessary, which include adhesive or a few attention closer to implants.

Do you endorse implants for everyone?

No! Although implant logy may be very successful, implants aren’t the answer for each problem. If you watched you would possibly gain from getting implants, please touch us to your unfastened session.

Take Care of Your Smile

Personal interest to element is what Whit by Denture Clinic – CHRIS A. DIMOPOULOS gives all patients. We paintings with you, your nearby dentist, and oral surgeons to offer you with a couple of dentures that suit your needs best. Improve your speech and consuming conduct with a higher chew way to nicely outfitted dentures. Creating entire and partial dentures isn’t all we offer. Whit by Denture Clinic keeps attending to your smile with repairs, whitening, and cleansing offerings.


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