How To Relate Each Type Of Energy Problems With The Types Of UPS

There are three types of intelligent UPS systems: Standby Design, Interactive Online Design, and Dual Conversion System.

Here we exemplify each of the most common energy problems, with each of the systems that can help you:

Overload: A common cause generated by a sudden increase in electricity. The three previously mentioned systems are capable of withstanding an overvoltage.

Blackout: Commonly caused by extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rains and thunderstorms, as well as power system failures such as transformer blasting and network failures.

Overvoltage: Passes when the voltage line exceeds the standardized voltage level. Interactive online and double conversion systems can control this.

Voltage Variation: This happens when the generation and frequency levels of energy are going through intermittences, which are summed up to constant blackouts that affect the operation and regulation of energy in your property. Only with double conversion systems can you rectify these variations.

Line Noise: This happens when frequencies create errors and cause electrical circuits to be intermittent. Again, only double conversion systems can regulate this problem.

How Long Is A Ups Battery

The lifespan of a UPS (เครื่อง ups which is the term in Thai) battery will wear out until it eventually requires replacement. This happens approximately every 3 years of use.

When your battery is close to stop working, our system will warn with a red light and emit a sound to notify you.

Since it is a battery composed of acid, the extraction must be done in a safe and supervised manner.

How Much Should You Pay For This Service

All the UPS mentioned above operate at different scales and capacities. It is evident that, by needing a UPS with greater power capacity, a larger investment is required to implement it.

That is why we need to measure correctly how much energy is required and also choose a configuration that undoubtedly suits our needs.

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