How will it affect kids after receiving a santa letter

Everyone loved santa Claus when one was a kid. Many of us even wrote a santa letter and sent it to the post office in hope of hearing back from him. Guess what? We did hear back from in form of letters and gifts. As one grew up, one realized that those gifts and letters were actually from the parents. But the joy and happiness one felt when one received that santa letter every year was enormous. The joy one felt that time was genuine, and every kid should go through that phase of life.

If one has kids and they write letters to santa in return for gifts or reply back, it’s the parent’s job to keep that little smile upon their kid’s face. Therefore, no matter how lame or boring it may sound, one should write a santa letter to one’s kid for their happiness. If one doesn’t like the idea or doesn’t how and what to write back, there are many professionals that will help one write a santa letter and send it to one’s postal address. There are many reactions recorded when the kid receives santa letter.


They will be happy

The best-recorded reactions of kids when they receive a santa letter are joy and happiness. Almost every kid who receives a letter gets overjoyed and dances around the room. Therefore, if one wishes to see the same with one’s kid, do write them back with replies as santa. Another feels the kid has while receiving the letter might be excitement. In a few of the cases, the kid wants to keep the conversation up and write again to santa. It is a precious moment as the kid is really excited to receive gifts and meet santa.


It is to protect their innocence.

Everyone eventually finds out that santa doesn’t exist and all the letters one wrote to santa and received by the parents. The gifts are also given by parents. Although, this is something that a kid should be told after 14 years of age. Till then, it’s better to protect their innocence and happiness. By the time they are around 14, they will know some of the ways around. Therefore, to keep the innocence and their happiness, one can pretend to be santa and keep writing santa letters to their kids.


Final words

Santa Claus is someone that is one of the first friends that a kid makes. Therefore, having an emotional bond with him even though he doesn’t exist is quite strong. Kids need to be kept under an impression that he exists as one kid know the truth quite early in life and get mad at their parents. Therefore, one has to always protect their innocence and happiness in form of sending more letters and gifts till the kid matures enough to handle the truth.

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