I Lost 40 Pounds!

After I had my kids, I never lost the weight I gained during pregnancy. I also had a prior back issue, so I wasn’t supposed to do any high impact workouts. I wasn’t very far from turning 40, so I knew if I wanted to make a change I should probably act soon. So that was just what I did.

I spent most of my free time searching the internet for tips and information on how to start and maintain a healthier lifestyle. All signs pointed to me having to plan things out better. Meaning my workouts and my meals. It was looking like I also needed to come up with other forms of self care that I would enjoy.

I was already pretty consistent with my workouts, of course pending nothing came up to disrupt my routine, which it occasionally would. There’s no helping that. That’s just how life goes. I figured the next step was to do a diet overhaul. I wouldn’t say I ate unhealthy, but there was definitely a lot of room for improvement. I’d cave into snacking late at night, and with having kids, there was always some sort of snack in the pantry.

I realized that I really had to commit to this, or nothing would change. I couldn’t have that. I decided to start food prepping, which it seemed was the key to making a major change. I had never done anything like it, unless you count planning a meal the day before by taking some out to thaw. It seemed that the key to success was using my Cuisinart food processor. I had no idea that it would be so useful in a situation like this.

I hadn’t used my Cuisinart food processor in a while, so I was a bit rusty. It turned out that I needed a new chopping blade for it, because mine had dulled from prior use. I had heard about KitchenWorksInc. from a relative, and I decided to check there first. They sell actual Cuisinart DFP 14 parts. I was able to order a new chopping blade, some additional work bowls, and new food pushers. I was well on my way to getting started.

I started with simpler healthy meals that I could store in our extra freezer and just heat up. I didn’t think my family was ready to commit to taking this journey with me, so I’d still need to cook for them. I prepped my lunch and dinner, and stuck to protein shakes for breakfast. All went well, and my Cusinart food processor made a huge difference for me in terms of simplifying my new routine.

Eventually my husband must have realized I was onto something when I started to lose enough weight for it to be noticeable. He told me that he thought it may be good for the whole family if I food prepped for all of them. It was important to me that my family take care of themselves, so I was game for it. We sat down as a family, and chose recipes together for the upcoming week. Then everyone pitched in on Sundays to help prepare for the coming week.

In the long run, it was a wonderful idea. My husband is feeling great and is now coaching my oldest son’s soccer team. I myself have lost a total of 40 pounds since beginning this journey. I can hardly believe I was able to make the changes I needed in order to get to this point. I feel amazing, and I wouldn’t have been able to make it all happen if it wasn’t for my Cuisinart food processor.

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