Innovative decorative laminate with magnetic property

To enhance the beauty, functionality and comfort the modern spaces have ample of surface material options such as wood, stone, plastic, laminate, granite, concrete, etc. Laminate is strong and durable surfacing solution which comes in wide range of color, decoration, style, texture and design. Depending on the usability the cost effective laminate can be used for various residential and commercial applications. With the high quality decorative laminate you can make each of the places such as commercial restroom cubicles, bathroom partitions, school furniture, lab furniture, worktops, countertops, lockers, swimming pools, etc. look and feel great. Magnetic laminate has advanced property of attaching magnetic items and also you can write with chalks and special board pens on such surface material.

Long lasting service

Choosing the right surface material can create magic in each space and can transform a merely functional surface into spectacular space or even the centerpiece of the room. When you are planning for new home construction or home improvement never ignore the importance of the high quality surface material as quality of the product is related to the durability. Although today’s marketplace is flooded with numerous cheap material but not all offer long lasting services hence before choosing any material evaluate the consistency of performance and quality. Laminate is easy to maintain with little effort. So , read the instruction of cleaning and care and keep the beauty and functionality fo the material intact for years.

 Immense benefit

Magnetic laminate is gaining popularity in areas such as school, kids room, office, healthcare center, etc. where you need to display or communicate frequently. Some of the benefits of magnetic laminate are

  • In living rooms for holding photographs
  • Kid’s room for exam Schedules, homework assignment, etc.
  • In hospital to paste medical reports, charts operation schedules, etc.
  • Workplace as notice boards and pin-up boards
  • School for notice and other important information

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