Jim Mayoros Brings Utah’s Longest Lazy River To St. George

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Utah summers are notorious for being extremely hot and dry. During these months, families are always looking for ways to cool down without relying too much on their AC. This is why Jim Mayoros and his team have been working hard to construct the first-ever major water park in all of Utah: Splash City Adventure Park. The water park is still currently closed and under construction but James Mayoros is confident that doors will officially open to the public right at the start of the 2020 summer season. There is so much excitement surrounding the water park because of its many attractions. Splash City’s One Of A Kind Attractions As a preview of what to expect before Splash City opens, here are some of the family-friendly attractions that can only be found and experienced at the water park: Lazy Lane Relaxing on a lazy river is the best way to soak up some sun, cool down in the water, and just have fun. However, as many of us know, the ride can be too short for our liking. Jim Mayoros has announced that Lazy Lane is and will be the longest lazy river ride in all of Utah. This gives guests a chance to truly enjoy the river without feeling rushed. The longest lazy river is the best water attraction in Splash City for guests who love the water but aren’t a big fan of water slides. The Tower On the other end of the spectrum comes The Tower. This attraction stands out because it is a colorful tower made out of nine twisting and exhilarating water slides. Thrill-seekers who also enjoy the water will surely find themselves in The Tower again and again! The Big Curl If someone told you that it was impossible to surf the curling waves in the middle of Utah, they would be wrong. Splash City will be the home of a state of the art wave pool where guests have a chance to experience surfing beyond the beach. Swimming And Wading Pools No water park would be complete without different swimming and wading pools of all depths and sizes. Several pools are located all over the park to cater to guests. Splash City is surely the perfect way to cool down, whether or not you know how to swim. Kid-Zone Let’s not forget that James Mayoros is a local family man who dreams of Splash City becoming the ultimate family-friendly summer destination. With this in mind, the team has also dedicated an area specifically for younger guests. There are splash pads and shallow pools that are safe for young kids and toddlers to use. An Unforgettable Summer Season passes are now available for pre-purchase at https://www.splashcitysg.com. Get first dibs on the Lazy Lane, the longest lazy river in Utah and The Tower this summer. Both kids and parents enjoy spending time and cooling down in water parks, now that there’s one opening in Utah, you can spend every day enjoying all the attractions and much more without leaving the state. The latest project of Jim Mayoros, the Splash City Adventure Water Park, will also boast of the longest lazy river in Utah. Excited too? We will keep you posted!

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