Kitchen Works Saved my classroom

I currently work in a high school here in the Midwest teaching Family and Consumer Sciences, formerly known as Home Ec. My FCS students are smart, kind, and very engaged in the class… but they are TERRIBLE at picking up after themselves, especially when we are doing our cooking lessons. 

I can’t even tell you how many times I find spatulas, spoons, and all kinds of utensils left on workbenches after the bell rings. And worst of all, our school doesn’t really have the funds to replace these things when they go missing! I wanted to find a solution that would protect our stuff without costing me too much (I am on a teacher’s salary, after all).

I decided to start with our food processors, since we have several that get used throughout the semester. The students are constantly losing the various parts for this machine, and I inevitably find them in the sink at the back of the room, left behind at a workstation, or sometimes even in the trash! So, I did a quick Google search for storage ideas for Cuisinart food processor parts, and I found the perfect solution from Kitchen Works: a blade and disc holder!

These containers were in great condition — in fact, it turns out that they came from the Cuisinart warehouse.But even better than the quality was the price. I was able to order four containers (enough for all the food processors in the classroom) without breaking the bank! I even picked up a few extra spatulas and blades just for good measure.

My order arrived within a week, and I’m so happy to see that all the products I ordered were in great condition and undamaged by the journey. I was able to put them in the classroom right away, and my students took to using them much quicker than I thought they would. It’s been 3 weeks and we haven’t lost a dough blade yet!

And this store isn’t JUST about food processor parts (although I’d still love them if they were). Since that first order, I’ve checked out kitchen works a couple different times. I’m always impressed by the new inventory they’ve got coming in: silicone bakeware, box graters, even a bottle and can crusher that has made my recycling SO much better! I honestly think I’ve found a new favorite store.   

In all seriousness, finding Kitchen Works was a huge blessing for me. As a teacher, I want to do what’s best for my students and provide them with all the resources they need for a great learning environment… but I don’t always get support from my school or my district (particularly not as someone who teaches an “elective course”). Being able to buy quality supplies at an affordable price it’s going to make a huge difference in my classroom, which will help my students learn to cook (and clean) more easily.

Thank you, Kitchen Works. You have really helped make my job — and the lives of my students — just a little bit better. 

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