Telugu Actors Who Have Acted In More Than 100 Movies

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Entertaining people is quite a tedious profession. People that are involved in this kind of work take it their burden so that they may entertain us. Among the people, those who are given the lead role are seen as heroes and to maintain their audience’s love for them; they go through a lot. Down here, we have compiled a list of these heroes that have surpassed 100 movies mark. Many more Telugu movies watch.


Chiranjeevi was just a commoner. However, he managed to become a superstar in the Tollywood industry. He has featured in over 149 films. His plans are to remake the blockbuster of Tamil Kaththi


Srikanth has featured in 123 movies of Telegu. He has lately featured in Sarrainodu with AlluArjun and the leading actor being Preet Singh. His 123rd film is of police suffering from mental illness; however, it is yet to be released. He also plays supporting roles


Babu was referred to as Tollywood’s heart-throb. He featured in more than 120 films and retired with his dignity still intact despite being asked to continue.


Balakrishna has stared in 102 films, and recently he has chosen to make a film on King Satakarni he will play a royal role

Chiranjeevi Movie Indra

This movie Indra starts in Andhra Pradesh and portrays enmity among two families. There is a police in the village whose desire is to end the rivalry between the two families has a proposal that entails marriage among the families. However, Siva Reddy uses this plan to make it a trap for the finishing of the other rival brother. He succeeds in killing them. After the burial is finished, no person is willing to contest for the leadership in the clan; however,Indrasena Reddy, who is young, tells the grandmother that he is ready to challenge for the clan leadership.

Balakrishna Movie Ruler

The movie begins in the year 1987 when the rate of crime in Uttar Pradesh is very high. In this manner, the minister of agriculture in Tagore comes up with a solution for developing farming, which will reduce the crime rate in the area. He calls 500 farmers to be combined and lead by a very wise person. They are allocated 5000 acres, which they will lease for almost 30 years, and after that, the land will become theirs. As years go by there is another business lady who comes to Uttah Pradesh to start her own business, while she was moving she spotted a wounded person by the roadside she takes him to the hospital and later to the ICU

Srikanth Movie Khadgam

Koti is a person who admires to an actor one day and wants to be called Babu, Amjad happens to be a driver and a devoted Muslim too and a very patriotic Indian. For the past one year,Azhar, who is Amjads brother, has been missing for a year.

An ISI terrorist, Masood, has been arrested by the cops in Hyderabad. Pakistani authorities form a way to rescue him by training Azhar, who has been missing, and he is sent back to India to create disturbance between the communities and tension too. Azhar manages to come to Hyderabad, whereby he lives with his brother. The activities that he carried out were to devise ways of how to set Masood free.

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