Types Of Prams You Can Find On The Market

So that you don’t make the mistake of buying a stroller that doesn’t meet your and your baby’s needs, we’ll help you learn about the different options that exist on the market, discuss the advantages of each one and give you some tips that you should take into account when buying this item, to make the right choice.

  1. Simple Pushchair With Four Wheels

This type of cart is ideal for everyday use, whether for a walk in the park, a trip to a shopping center, or any indoor surface. It is a practical, comfortable and spacious model for your baby. It has a compact size and air wheels for easy transport, and some can adapt a carrycot or transport egg.

However, the interior can get hot in summer, and it is not very practical for those who need to go up and downstairs.

  1. Stroller For Strolling

For example, these carts are light, much more than average, and therefore efficient for use in public transport or traveling. When closed, this cart is in a cane format, being possible to close it with just one hand – “one hand” carts – and occupying very little space.

The disadvantage is that it is uncomfortable for long walks and uneven terrain due to the small wheels. Also, if you don’t have a reclining backrest, your child won’t be able to sleep for a long time or comfortably.

  1. Baby Carriage With Three Wheels

This cart type is ideal for use on uneven terrains, such as stone sidewalks, as the two rear wheels are more prominent and provide more excellent stability. They are also very comfortable for the baby, as they have a spacious, wrap-around seat, great for long naps. On the other hand, these carts are heavier and bulkier than their predecessors. It is, therefore, impractical to use in transport or elevators. They may also not fit in the trunk of some cars.

  1. Sports Baby Carriage

These are known as sports carts or jogging carts. They were designed to allow the baby’s parents or caregivers to maintain their running habits when accompanied by the baby, providing stability throughout the race. The big difference in this type of stroller is the stability and the fact that they are the only strollers that can be used in races for the baby’s safety.

  1. Trolley For Twins (And Beyond)

This type of stroller has the advantage that it can also be beneficial for transporting children of a similar age. Seats can be side by side, taking up more space or one behind the other. Some models have a seat at the front and another one slightly above the previous one.

  1. Trio Cart

This is a “3 in 1” solution, which allows the use of the carrycot or the egg in the first months of life, which can then be exchanged for the standard seat of the wonderfold stroller.

The trio cart allows the use, according to the need of the moment, between a carrycot, egg/car chair, and stroller. This format has the advantage of being a single purchase, which accompanies the baby until he stops using the stroller.

There are usually models with three or four wheels, and accessories vary. On four-wheel models, it is easier to open and close. It’s practical for the city, comfortable and spacious for the baby.

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