What are different keywords matching conditions?

You can use the broad match settings so that you are targeting a phrase to get matched with your long-tail keywords.

  • In a modified broad match setting, you have some additional options such as you can also include a plus sign with your keyword. Thus, if the user types in something that has keyword matching but some extra words then it falls in this matching category.
  • Phrase match is the condition when the search query matches with the title of the ad but can also include some additional words. The difference is that order is not compromised in this case.
  • An exact match occurs when the search query matches exactly with the title of the ads.  These ads have the highest position in search results but it is difficult to achieve these.

If you are a beginner, then you should not use the broad match setting. It will cost you a lot of money to get the ads ranks higher. The CPC will also be higher in this case because there is always a lot of competition in the broad search terms. This technique is also equally important in the case of SEO.

Things you must care of to have a better ROI:

ROI refers to rthe eturn on investment. This is the thing that you are really investing for. The purpose of ads is to get many times money back as that of the initial investment. If your ROI is low then this means that either your ads are not performing well or you have a bad marketing technique. You must consider the following things to have a better ROI:

  • Always use the best tools to perform Keyword research and keep the narrow range of search.
  • Have a look on your competitors to have the list of steps needed to be taken in your marketing strategy.
  • Keep Google adwords price [ราคา google adwords which is the term in thai] to the minimum in the beginning and increase it as you make progress.
  • Select the right ad type for your business.
  • Have an attractive and converting landing page with an amazing and catchy content.

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