What are the highlight features of GTA 5 to know?

If you are about to play GTA 5 android, it is necessary to be clear about the various features of the game. As there are numerous features in the game, the article will explain only the highlight features in brief. 

Highlight features of GTA 5

Three heroes

The hero is a nickname for the protagonists, and there will be three characters fulfilling the position in GTA 5. Although you could only play as a single character, there will be options to live the life of another character and witness his world without disturbing his missions. You can also help others online who are struggling to complete their tasks by switching to their position. This introduction of the three-protagonists concept is new to the industry and hence, it acts as a highlight to the game as a whole. 

Collision graphics

What makes a video game effective is the graphics and visual elements of the gameplay. If this is the case, GTA 5 will win the race easily when competing with its previous versions. Let us assume that you are driving a tanker or an armed vehicle. Once you lose your control or wish to collide with a building’s wall, you can witness an exceptional graphic of the wall getting destroyed. This minute detailing of the game will add beauty to your experience as a whole. Likewise, all the collision graphics in the game are visually appealing and will create a fascination for the players.  

Relaxation games

Yes, you will be playing Grand Theft Auto as a relaxation game. However, as the game is filled with stresses of mission completion and violence, you would have to think of getting some relaxation within the game itself. To tackle such stresses during the game, the latest version of GTA has got some cool facilities that will help you cool down for some time. These facilities are the tennis courts and golf courts that you can use to play for some time in between your missions. There will not be any diversions or exits from your current missions when you engage in such games in the meantime. Since there are no such facilities in the past versions, these are being the highlights of GTA 5. 

Multiplayer facility GTA 5 and online GTA 5 allow users to play with several other people at once through their multiplayer facilities. You can play with the people you know or do not know using this option. Either the game will proceed like you are all helping each other to complete a single task or you are all competing with everyone to achieve the goal before others to win the game. Either way, it will be fun to play with several others instead of playing a game with computerized characters. Human emotions will reflect something that computers could not do that makes the game fascinating. So, you can consider this facility as an advantage with GTA 5 or GTA online.

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