What is packshot photography all about?

The term packshot refers to the product photo. That is used to increase the sales of the product. It is mainly dominated in tv commercials and digital ads. So, the company can increase the sales of a particular product. Now, the term packshot photography [รับ ถ่าย packshot, which is the term in Thai] which means still or moving product photos which include their packaging and label. Now one can understand why packshot photography is being used in tv commercial and digital ads. Of course, many people have seen those 30-second ads which can be skipped after 5 seconds. Yes, it is also an example of packshot photography.

Packshot photography can be used for many products. Like the physical products that will be available in the public domain, mainly in stores and shopping centers. And the other is a digital product that has no physical appearance. But still the photos are taken to aware the people about the product. They mainly take the product photos on the white background to illustrate the product.

Things to know before doing packshot photography

It is not very simple to do the packshot photography. Many things need to be done before and after the photo shoot. Some major things are

  • The photo must be very clear and pixels shouldn’t be seen while zooming.
  • The product will be in focus and it should come under the canvas.
  • There must be a quote or something. Make sure that people can read it.
  • The company’s logo is also the priority. So, central exposure should be on that.
  • Try to keep the colour tone as natural as possible.

Hire a packshot photographer

The best thing to do is to hire a packshot photographer. If the company will launch the product, then the photos should be good. And a packshot photographer can do this. They have the expertise and all so hire them.

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