Can you trek the Kuari pass ambit

The Kuari Pass Trek offers an opportunity to witness the skyline of the mighty snow-capped mountain ranges from a close distance. Beginning from Joshimath the trek further leads to Kuari Pass, green pastures of the Himalayas, lush meadows and much more. In various circumstances, you might get to encounter footprints of rare animals including Himalayan Leopard or Himalayan Bear. With such exciting offerings, Kuari Pass Trek happens to be one of the favorites amongst nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

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Forest Trails – What comes first during this trek are the ancient forest trails. The forest cover is quite old majorly comprising of rhododendrons and oak. These forests are not too thin or thick. They are just perfect for trekkers. The forest continues for a while leading you to a meadow or a cleared patch and the different forms keep continuing. The interplay is a sight to watch out during the route.

Perfect Campsites – There are numerous treks in the Himalayas but not all of them feature as stunning campsites as the Kuari pass trek. After trekking for long, camping at outstanding campsites is what a soul desires. Kuari pass makes it really worth your while when it comes to its campsites. One of its campsites nestled right in the heart of the forest is the Chitrakantha campsite. Another outstanding campsite is at Khullara with Mount Dronagiri standing tall at the backdrop. With such excellence indulged, it gets really tough to not take a second thought about planning a trek to Kuari pass.

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Stunning mountain views from the start – This is one of those treks that offers stunning views of mighty mountains from the very start. You can expect some superb views from day one for the beauty to only enhance as time passes. Dronagiri and Mount Nanda Devi are some of what you get to witness. As the trek proceeds, the beauty unwraps and you et treated with much better of what you began with.


Some major attractions that the Kuari Pass Trek offers


  • It gets you through a few Garhwal Villages where you get a chance to interact with the locals
  • Campsite on the forest floor with drifted snow
  • camping amidst the meadows that overlook the legendary Dronagiri Mountains
  • You get a day on the Gorson Bugyal slopes.
  • A 360 degree view of the Himalayan peaks.
  • A snowy hike day

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