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Shampoo bar is a hair product in an unusual format. Bright, scented products in a soap shape attract with their naturalness, pleasant aroma and caring properties. Today let’s discuss all about this unusual cosmetic product.

We are familiar with liquid shampoo, but not everyone knows that there is a shampoo bar for hair. Why do we need it? What are its advantages over the usual format? How to make a natural shampoo bar and how to use a shampoo bar? Let’s figure it out.

Shampoo in the form of soap is made from foaming substances (surfactants), conditioning ingredients, vegetable oils and extracts. Natural shampoo bar does not contain any preserving agents, and also has an exceptional concentration of active ingredients. A shampoo bar can replace 400 ml of a liquid product.

In addition, a soap-shampoo is ideal for use during trips, it is convenient to carry it in your hand-luggage. The undoubted advantage of such a hair shampoo is also the economy, pleasant plant aroma and excellent cleansing properties.

Hair shampoo bar is not inferior in its cleansing qualities, and maybe even superior to ordinary liquid shampoo. It is recommended to wash your hair every 2-3 days with a fragrant the shampoo bar. Manhattan Barbers tell you step by step how to use it:

– Wet your hair;

– Foam a shampoo bar in your hands, slightly moistening them;

– Massage the scalp with your fingers; apply foam on the hair;

– Rinse off the shampoo bar thoroughly from your hair and complete the procedure with conditioner.

The shampoo bar for hair can be prepared at home as well. You can be sure that there are no aggressive agents or harmful components in the home product. The recipe for a shampoo bar with your own hands has a completely natural composition.  There are many easy recipes of such a shampoo in the internet that will encourage you. Just be careful with choosing of ingredients.

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