Casino etiquettes- Few things that you need to take care of while hitting a casino

There is a lot that you can do in a casino. Ranging from playing exciting games to having drinks and meals and also fantasizing the pretty ladies behind the bar counter, there are ample things that can force you to hit a casino. But apart from merely being at a casino and doing all these things, one got to have some basic etiquette to show your good spirits. So here are a few protocols that one should necessarily observe while being in a casino:

Tipping the waitress

The pretty waitress who is standing there behind the counters wearing that over skimpy dress is not just there to hear you call her honey and baby. Yes, of course, she is doing her job and is getting paid for the same, but it etiquette to tip her when she serves you with your favourite drink. If you are a diehard gambler then you must have surely brought a good amount of money for playing QQonline and other games, thus one can surely afford some tips for the waitress as well.

Cool is the clown at the casino

You may feel that looking cool may make you stand out in the crowd. But if you have this thought in this mind, then you are sadly mistaken. The truth is the other way round, donning on a pair of sunglasses with an iPod and funky dress with the yo-yo looks and attitude may make you look awful and lo less than a clown. Remember that you are out there to gamble and play games and not for singing a rap song. So you need to take control over your dressing and should dress decently rather than dressing like a cool hunk ruining your image.

Tipping the dealers

Again another set of people who deserve your tips are the dealers at your table. They are well dressed and are moving the wheels and cards as a part of their job. But they look forward to the players to earn some extra living. Tipping them can surely add a smile to their face and make their day worth it. So no matter you are winning or losing, make sure that you do hand over some amount to the dealer, it can make their day.

Touching others chips

The big stack lying in front of that uncle with a big moustache may amaze you, and you may dream of making them yours, but do not even dare to touch them. You may seem to be profoundly ill-mannered if you go out touching else’s chips and you may also get a grin and anger look from that grumbled faced uncle.

Bottom Line

So these were a few things that you need to follow to be called as a well-mannered gambler. We know gambling is for fun, but apart from the fun element, you also need to take care that you follow the basic etiquettes that make you look like a gentleman.

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