How to Score Good Marks in Class 10 Mathematics Board Examination

Mathematics is a high scoring subject in class 10. To score excellent marks in Maths, it needs a smart strategy. Through constant practice and knowledge of the topics, you can surely secure marks in mathematics. The important concepts such as numbers, trigonometry, surface areas and volumes class 10 formulas help to score good marks in the examination. You should be clear with the concepts. Practising many problems helps to boost the accuracy of writing the solutions. Here are some of the essential tricks to attempt the class 10 Maths board examination paper.

Use Initial 15 Minutes Effectively

Before attempting the question, the first thing to do is read and analyse the question paper. You should present your solutions and explanation comprehensively. Use the 15 minutes time to go through the question paper completely and make a rough sketch to present an exact answer.

Prioritise the Problems to Attempt

Go through the questions in the allotted time. Prioritise the problems in the level-wise like simple, easy and tough. First, try the simple problems and move on to the easy problems, and then finally proceed with the tough ones. Because, naturally, you start worrying from the time when you notice some tough questions. Don’t get bothered about those questions. It will influence your performance throughout the exam time. 

Accuracy in Answers

Apply mathematics tricks that quicken calculations, and make sure that your solutions are exact. Avoid silly errors while writing the solutions. For some problems like how to find square root, cube root of a number, the answer should be accurate. Use understandable and straightforward language. Always keep on eye on your watch to maintain the time. 

Present Your Answers Neatly

Your solution should be neat and clean. Don’t jump any steps while answering the problems. Use punctuations, margins, proper space, and highlight the formulas. Your answer sheet presentation should be advantageous for you to score a good mark.

Review your Solutions

After attempting all the problems, start reviewing the answers. You might have made some mistakes in a rush. Correct those mistakes and provide exact solutions.

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