Keeping UPS In The House

In choosing which UPS unit to buy, you have to put into consideration the kind of devices that you have in your home, office, or business outlet, which need to be powered up a few minutes either online or for an emergency call like your cordless phone after a power outage.

The first device that would drive your purchasing a UPS unit would be your computer system either at home or in your office. You can also have multiple computed systems at home (for personal use and kids), for different office compartments. Devices for back up too, are to be considered.

Your modem cable(s), router, nodes for Wi-Fi are also electronic devices that would require to be powered up when there is a power failure. Any other device also that could cause you trouble when restarting or stressful manual reset after a power outage would require a UPS unit.

What size of UPS should one purchase

It would help if you had a UPS (เครื่องสำรองไฟฟ้า ,which is the term in Thai) unit that can give your computer system adequate timing to shut down properly after saving any document that needs saving. A UPS unit that is not capable of enough power to allow you to save the necessary documents and then shut down the system poses a significant risk of damage to the system and your data.

  By taking the time to examine and measure the power components and carriage of the devices you want to keep powered up after a power failure and the peripheral load, you will be able to know the UPS unit to purchase. These peripherals include your monitor, hard drives, cell phones, landlines, and so on.

A power meter can aid you in measuring the power consumption rate and pattern of the various devices accurately. Also, the power consumption of your computer system can enable you to know how much power it pulls. However, most systems for not consume the exact influence as stipulated on the system. Regardless of this fact, still work with the power load stipulated as it aids you to conserve more power rather than not having enough.

Another technique that can help you is when You allocate more funds to the recommended UPS (แนะนำ เครื่องสำรองไฟฟ้า ,which is the term in Thai) features you would like to have instead of going for devices with larger battery capacity. Below are calculation methods to get the power units of the UPS.

  1. Volt-Amperes: they are the standard measurement that describes a UPS capacity. If you operate a 500w system, you would need at least a 720VA rated system.

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