What You Should Consider When Buying A Universal Adapter

There are over 12 different kinds of power sockets used all over the world. Most travellers are not aware of this information. To be safe and to charge your device wherever you go, you need to go with a universal adapter. Having a universal adaptor with you will save you the frustrations of charging your iPhones and laptops. However, all adaptors are not the same. There are few things you should know about the universal travel adapter Price (universal travel adapter ราคา ,which is the term in Thai)  before proceeding to buy your universal adapter.

It Does Not Voltages

The universal adaptor does not convert voltage but only convert plugs. It merely enables you to plug your device no matter the kind of layout the charger comes with. This is no way the same with regulating the voltage that passes through the wall socket into your device

Smaller Is Better

For travelling purposes, small adaptors at best. There are many shapes and sizes of the travel adapter. The universal adapter that is smaller in format can be carried anywhere. The heavier ones tend to fall out of your pocket and might block the socket beside them because of their size.

Remember those three-pin plugs

In buying your travel adapter, do not neglect the space for three-pin plugs. Most laptops come with three-pin plugs and cannot fit into the travel adapter if they are only made for two-pin plugs.

Don’t buy it at the airport

Buying the universal adapter at the airport can be quite risky as you might not find the exact one you need. Every appliance has a place where you can get the best of its quality. Make sure you buy your travel adapter ahead of time as it will help you select the best qualities and the right one for you. Be sure to review the universal plug adapter Price (universal plug adapter ราคา ,which is the term in Thai).

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