Strategies to Help Shoppers Remember Their Reusable Bags

Shoppers bring home thousands of plastic bags each year. Of those bags, only 1% of them get returned for recycling. Using reusable shopping bags significantly reduces waste, most of which ends up polluting the oceans. For all the good that reusable shopping bags do, many people still have a difficult time remembering to bring them to the store. Here are some strategies to help in remembering to bring them along. 

Set A Schedule

Humans are creatures of habit, so setting and following a schedule helps tremendously in remembering to bring along reusable bags. Having set days for grocery shopping can make taking reusable bags to the store feel like second nature. It may also help to set alarms or reminders on those days.

Add It to The Grocery List

When making a grocery list, it can help to add “bring bags” to the top of the list. When a person checks the list before leaving for the store, they will be reminded to grab them. Luckily, making grocery lists with reminders is easy with a smartphone. 

Put the Bags on Top of Something Important

When most people get ready to leave the house, they do a mental check for their necessary items such as phone, wallet, and keys. Putting the grocery bags on, under, or next to these items can help to remind them to bring the bags. Purse carriers can even stuff some bags inside of that to avoid forgetting their reusable bags.

Stick a Note Somewhere Obvious

Many people have unreliable memories. For these people, attaching a sticky note with a message to a mirror, door, or somewhere visible is a regular strategy. This can be useful when trying to remember to bring reusable bags as well. 

Stock Up on Extra

An excellent way for a shopper to be sure they are never without bags is to have extra stored in various places, especially the trunk of the car. If there are extra bags in the trunk, then they are less likely to use them all. That way, they will still have the leftover from the previous shopping trip in case they forget the next time.

Get Out of Line

Most people have gotten into the grocery line before realizing that they forgot their bags. If that happens, making themselves get out of line to get them isn’t always their first choice. However, after losing their place in line a few times, it won’t be as difficult to remember to bring them along!

More Than Just Grocery Bags

Replacing single-use grocery bags is a great way to be more earth-conscious, but there are other single-use bags at the store. Plastic produce bags are another severe hazard to the environment. Companies like Onya Life offer reusable replacements for produce bags as well as many other single-use items to help people get a little closer to a zero-waste lifestyle.

Reusable Bags for the Planet

If current events have illustrated anything, it’s that the Earth’s eco-system is suffering. Ditching the single-use lifestyle for more sustainable options is one way that people can make a difference. Fight climate change and use these strategies to remember to bring reusable bags to the store. 

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