The best way to store old memorabilia

You can collect a lot of stuff throughout your life, whether you do it on purpose or it simply accumulates over time. When you have old memorabilia, it could be anything from a collection that you started or the things that you have kept during your travels and life experiences. While these items can have lots of sentimental value, and sometimes monetary value too, they can also take up lots of space. You might take them out sometimes to look at them, but you don’t need them around all of the time. So how can you store your old memorabilia?

Decide What to Store

The first step is to decide what you want to store. When you have lots of items that you have collected, they can all have different meanings or levels of importance. There might be some things that you want to put on display, or perhaps even give to someone else. However, there can also be plenty of items that you’re happy to put away. They might be things that you want to look at now and then, or perhaps items that you want to keep so that they can be passed to someone else later. Go through everything and decide what you want to store.

Find a Storage Unit

You can store some of your old memorabilia at home. However, if you have a lot of stuff, it can be difficult to find space for it. Renting a self storage unit can be the best way to deal with extra stuff. You can access your things whenever you need to, but prevent them from taking up space at home. Henfield Storage can help you with storage units in Horsham and in several other locations. You can find storage units in different sizes so that you can choose one that’s perfect for your needs.

Protect Your Items

Before you put any of your memorabilia into your storage unit, you should think about how you might need to protect it. Your storage unit should be clean and dry, but you still might want to take some steps to prevent damage. For example, you could think about how to prevent moisture from damaging any of your items. Protective covers on books or other paper items could help, or you might use something like a damp trap or silicone packets to capture any moisture in the air. Boxing things up can keep dust and dirt away.

Take Out Insurance

Another way to protect your memorabilia is to take out insurance. If there is any monetary value in your items, it’s a good idea to have them valued by an expert. You can then make sure that you take out insurance for the correct value. Even if you can’t replace the items, you won’t have lost any money if you intended to sell them. Insurance can’t replace anything with sentimental value but it does prevent a monetary loss on top of the sentimental one.

A self storage unit is ideal for your old memorabilia, clearing up space in your home so you can use it for something else.

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