The Guide To Car Park, Garage, Or Box Rental

During rush hour, 1 in 4 users look for space and will take an average of 30 minutes to park in saturated areas. A problem that represents 20% of CO2 emissions in the city center. At the same time, many private parking spaces are underused or never occupied. In this context, the rental of parking between individuals takes on its full meaning and is growing. Before getting started, some information should be known.

Terms That May Designate A Parking Space

Let us take the time to clarify three terms that designate a place to park a car and which are often ill-defined: parking, garage, and box even if they all have speed bumps Unimat.

Parking Space

It can be in the basement or outdoors, and a marking on the ground delimits it but not completely closed. In a parking lot, there are several parking spaces. There is a nuance depending on the words used.


It is entirely closed, partitioned off by walls and a door. It is usually found in a parking lot shared with other users. There are also double boxes for parking two vehicles in a row.


It is similar to a box, it is also closed, but we find it in an individual dwelling.

The Differences Between Parking, Garage, And Box

The garage and the box, protected by walls and a door, have a priori the advantage of being more secure. However, this does not mean that favoring parking spaces is risky.

Whether for a parking space or a garage, the standard and regulatory ground dimensions are similar, 2.50 m by 5 m. These dimensions may vary slightly depending on the access road’s width or nearby obstacles (posts, etc.). Garages or boxes will also be limited in height.

The price is also a differentiating element; garages and boxes will be on average 20% more expensive than simple parking spaces because they offer, in addition to a parking space, additional security for the vehicle and a parking space storage.

Therefore, the choice between these three options is to be made according to your own needs; they each have their particularities, their advantages, and their disadvantages.

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