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UAE’s road safety authorities always stress on vehicle maintenance and other aspects such as tire safety. Most, if not all drivers are oblivious to the different types of services and maintenance required by their cars, until something breaks or stops working. Wheel balancing is an important aspect of maintaining your vehicle and should not be neglected. If you want to maximize tyre’s life and ensure reliable road contact then it is a must to have your wheel balance checked. To keep your vehicle safe year-round, Dubai Tyres Shop recommends investing in professional wheel balancing services. Availing professional services not just saves time but also money as it will help you maintain your vehicle’s overall performance. 


Wheel Balancing and Safe Driving 

Referring to the even distribution of weight around the moving tire, wheel balancing ensures that both the units – tire and wheel rim are aligned. Both these units have light and heavy areas, and it is important to keep them balanced. Whenever the balancing is out, vehicles tend to vibrate, wobble from side to side, or experience shocks. Professional mechanics recommend wheel balancing every 12 months or if your vehicle has reached 20,000km to prevent premature wearing of tyres. 


Unbalanced Wheels and Its Effects 

Most people do not realize the effect wheels have on the overall performance of a vehicle. Similarly, they are also unaware of the many dangers that unbalanced wheels bring forth. 

  • Unbalanced wheels often result in vibration which makes steering difficult and compromises road grip.
  • Out of balance wheels put strain and stress on suspension components and wheel bearings. This causes premature wearing of the tyres and rotating parts.
  • Wheels that are not balanced can increase fuel consumption and can lead to additional expenses for the car owners.


Wheel Balancing and Smoother Drive 

Among the many advantages of timely wheel balancing is smoother drive. Wobbling and vibration is never comfortable, especially if you are on Dubai highways or speeding away in the city. As soon as you experience shaking or vibration while driving, book an appointment with a professional mechanic and get your tyres checked. 


Wheel Balancing and Increased Tyre Life 

You will actually save a lot of money by taking your vehicle to a reliable service station. Timely checkup and wheel balancing can protect the tyres from wear and tear. Regular and continuous road contact with tyres is a must to achieve proper steering, braking, and correct operation of suspension. Whether you are replacing your worn out tyre or buying new ones, wheel balancing needs to be performed by all mechanics. 


Availing Professional Wheel Balancing Services 

Having properly balanced tyres will increase your vehicle’s braking and acceleration significantly. All drivers want their cars to be responsive on road and this can only be achieved through regular maintenance. Many online tyre shops offer free wheel balancing, alignment, and rotation with the purchase of new tyres. Dubai Tyre Shop is among the leading online tyre buying platforms that caters to customers all across the UAE. From Bridgestone Tires online range to other top tire brands, the shop has an extensive catalog. So, the next time you are looking to buy new tyres or replace the old ones, make sure to visit With every purchase, customers can avail free services like delivery, installation, wheel balancing and alignment, as well as rotation. 


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